Don’t take our word for it. Have a look at what over 100 top real estate professionals have to say.
Amy M.
Broker/Owner- The Cutting Edge, Realtors
“Greg is absolutely indispensable in your business. I cannot express enough what he can do and the value he brings. Greg stays at the top of his game and brings cutting edge technology and techniques to accelerate the growth of any business when it comes to marketing.”

Steve M.
Real Estate Broker at RE/MAX Properties Inc.
“Where to begin? It’s obvious from all of the other recommendations that Greg is an absolute rockstar in the marketing, social media and business. Anyone who’s had the good fortune to work with him knows this… but there’s a lot more to the guy than his professional resume. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been nothing short of a Godsend for my business and he is unequivocally one of the smartest guys I know. Passionate about his craft, polished and the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to all things relating to digital and social media marketing. The thing that impresses me most about Greg is his generosity of spirit and genuine eagerness to help people. I can’t say enough about his character, but I can say that it’s very rare. I definitely owe Greg a debt of gratitude for what he’s done to improve my business. I feel even more fortunate just to count him as a friend.”

Michelle F.
REALTOR® at RE/MAX Properties Inc.
“Where do I even begin?! Greg Fowler is hand's down one of the most inspiring, experienced, giving, passionate, caring, positive, and expert in his field! He has helped (and is continuing to help) my business grow leaps and bounds! I am so unbelievably blessed to have the privilege and honor of working alongside this rock star and if I could give him 11 out of 10 stars I would! Thankful to have a lifelong friendship with you. God bless!!!”

Jay G.
Broker Associate/Partner at Berkshire Hathaway Rocky Mountain Realtors
“Greg Fowler is one of the most cutting edge technology/marketing professionals that I have ever met. He is also a very gracious, caring, and a friendly individual. Greg is committed to partnering with his clients and generously contributing to their success. Just a few months ago, he offered to help me establish strong professional presence on all the major real estate marketing/social media sites and the results are absolutely astounding. Indeed it has been fun working with Greg and I’m grateful to have him on my team.”

Rob H.
Real Estate Broker at ERA Shields
“Greg is not only a team player but the consummate professional you want working for you. He is engaging, bright, energetic and a quick study. His leadership qualities will lead him to nothing but the highest level of success. He brings integrity, trust and honor to every facet of our working relationship and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Scott S.
Real Estate Broker Associate
“As a new real estate agent there is an enormous amount to learn. Not just about contracts and properties but also marketing, networking, client retention, and front of mind strategies for business. It is essential to continuously grow your circle of influence. Social media and web presence are no longer just an option or side note in marketing, they are absolutely critical. No one is more educated, qualified or informed about the cutting edge internet and social media marketing tools available to us than Greg Fowler. Couple that with his insight, integrity, and willingness to freely disseminate that information along with his critical eye and creative ideas and you have a powerhouse that you would be foolish not to include on your team. Greg is essential for my business and as a bonus I get to call him a friend. If I were you I would call him today, your business and your life will be better for it.”

Jesse C.
Realtor ® at RE/MAX Advantage
"Greg is a tremendously valuable resource for his clients and continuously stays abreast to the cutting edge tools we need to grow our business. His knowledge of our industry coupled with an unparalleled understanding of marketing and technology truly make him one-of--kind!"

Dave S.
Realtor, RE/MAX Real Estate Group
"Greg is absolutely fantastic to work with in all aspects. His knowledge of specific digital marketing and how to utilize them is amazing. I started working with him about two months ago and his guidance can be directly attributed to a $1.1M listing that I picked up. The client was an executive at Hewlett Packard and had been recommended several realtors by friends and family but didn't "click" with those realtors so he began his own online research and came across me solely from my social media presence from working with Greg. I am firmly convinced I would have never even been noticed by this tech guru without the help of my tech guru (Greg Fowler). Not only is Greg extremely knowledgeable in his craft but he's a lot of fun to just be around. His positive attitude and constant cheerful presence are refreshing in the world of real estate. A second example of his knowledge of social media marketing helping me greatly is I have the same name as a teacher who was killed in the Columbine shootings and dominated Google. After working with Greg for a short period of time I have been able to move to page 1 of Google based on Greg's vast knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. I don't give accolades lightly as a retired military member but I can with 110% certainty endorse Greg Fowler as the man to turn to for all your social media advertising and marketing. I look forward too many more years of this mutually beneficial relationship."

Bruce B.
Broker/Owner RE/MAX Advantage Realty Inc
“Greg is on it! Greg is absolutely a Real Estate Titan himself. Need something? Anything? Call Greg and it's done. He works hard to stay on top of all the latest tools and technology that the top Real Estate Brokers around the region and the country are using to provide outstanding service to their clients. Greg's experience, knowledge, and willingness to share it all can add value to your career. Trust Greg.”

Shawn M.
REALTOR® at Blue Picket Realty
Greg is a force! He has worked for years to hone his skills to become an expert in relationships, technology, communication, and networking. His past decade of training comes through every time I sit with him as he willingly assists me with my online and social media marketing endeavors. Greg is an upbeat friendly professional (you rarely see all 3 in one) who actually really puts people first. He has helped me grow my web presence in order to drive more leads and networking connections, and soon we will begin launching campaigns and create a new website. Anyone looking to improve his or her marketing and online presence, I personally give Greg Fowler the highest possible recommendation.

Lei Lonnie W.
Realtor at RE/MAX Properties Inc.
"Greg is a one of a kind professional! He brings passion from his previous realm, Google, Techy, Optimization Expertise, to those fortunate enough to know & work with him. His laser Focus…optimizing Realtors, in ways we barely understand, in all the places we need to be seen and heard. Some of his first conversations to me were “Lonnie, anyone can get marketing done for you, …I want to help You stand out, the unusual value You bring to the table be seen, do more transactions” Greg is attuned to the “News” in our world of Real estate and calls us to make sure we know how to benefit from it and offers to spend any amount of time we need to help us get “Optimized” He excels at everything he puts his hands to. I’m very thankful to have him watching out for my interests. He has earned my business in every way possible."
Vicki W.
Licensed Real Estate Broker at RE/MAX Properties, Inc.
“Greg Fowler is a huge asset to the real estate community here in Colorado Springs. He has helped me build out my online presence so that it has an impact in marketing myself and my brand. He expertise and knowledge, as well as his very giving nature, is inspiring. He has made a huge difference in how we use social tools in our business and taught us so much. Thank you for all your expertise, help and friendship Greg. It is such a pleasure knowing you and gaining insight from your expertise.”

Rick W.
Mortgage Loan Officer at Northpointe Bank
“There really aren't very many folks in the business world that come sharper than Greg Fowler. I have had the pleasure of working with Greg for a few short months recently, but wish that I had been smart enough to seek him out sooner. Greg has taken the time to help develop my digital marketing platforms in order to help expand my B2C marketing capabilities. Greg is as sharp as they come, continuously sharpening his ax to ensure he stays on top of the latest ever changing technology in our space. This isn't unusual for movers and shakers, but what is unusual is Greg's ability to take the complex and present information in a way that makes it simple to understand. To ensure total success with the information shared, Greg also helps with the execution and implementation of the ideas covered. His attention to detail is genius and I consider it an honor that this professional takes the most valuable asset that any of us have, time, and spends it helping me grow my business. Thank you for sharing your expertise with me.”

Jen P.
REALTOR® at RE/MAX Real Estate Group
"Greg has been an amazing asset to my business. He is ahead of the game when it comes to technology and how to implement necessary tools to stay ahead of the industry within the work place. I am so glad to have met Greg and honored to have him as part of MY "team". His attitude and work ethic is contagious and his commitment to his clients is second to none. "
Andy H.
Realtor at RE/MAX Advantage Realty Inc.
“Greg is the BEST!! He has tremendous energy and brought a wealth of social media knowledge to our project. We met with Greg multiple times as we built out our social media brand presence and his patience and persistence kept our project on track and made the process fun. In fact, we had no idea where to begin when we started down this path but Greg walked us through the social media maze. We now have an awesome digital presence and the understanding of how to make it work for our business. Thanks Greg, The Hunstiger Team is very grateful for your help!”

Simon P.
Director Newmark Grub Knight Frank
"This guy rocks!"

Dave K.
Realtor/Owner at RE/MAX Real Estate Group, Inc
"Greg is hands down the best this town has! The value he brings to my business and all my RE/MAX agents is always fresh and valuable. Not only that he actually cares about helping his clients be successful. As many of you know that is very rare. Greg is never about the deal he is about the relationship! I look forward to working with Greg and his team for many years to come. Thank you.”

Michael B.
Real Estate Agent at Kenney & Company
"Greg is an an absolute Master at his profession. His work ethic and attention to detail to make your business succeed is second to none. He goes out of his way with focus and high energy to make you successful. I can attribute many Real estate transactions to Greg from my new on line presence. I look forward to doing much more business with Greg in my Real estate career."
Brad V.
Realtor at RE/MAX Advantage Realty Inc.
“Greg has been a huge help to my business and my team. His background and knowledge have been key to helping us advance our business and take the next steps forward. Greg is constantly involved in being on the cutting edge of technology and marketing, bringing that knowledge to his business and his clients. I would highly recommend Greg for anyone looking to grow in their business.”

Scott S.
Mortgage Loan Originator
“I have known Greg for only a short time but, in that time, he has added incredible value to my Mortgage business. His understanding of current trends and current marketing techniques is fantastic! I've been a Mortgage Lender for 19 years and Greg has really helped me breathe new life into my business! Add that knowledge to his generous availability and engaging personality and that makes Greg a joy to be around. I highly endorse Greg Fowler!!!"

Tom H.
Realtor at ERA Shields Real Estate
“Greg has done an excellent job helping my partner and I take our real estate business to another level! To include main stream market/advertising development plans utilizing the latest in web development and social media tools. Greg is a student of cutting edge technology and how it can successfully be integrated into your marketing plans for long term growth. You owe it to yourself to visit with Greg and discuss how the latest technology can enhance your business exponentially.”

Casey B.
Realtor at Shorewood Real Estate
“Greg is outstanding. He takes the time to explain and teach his clients in a way that is comfortable and non intimidating. He guided me through the process of marketing and SEO (a completely foreign concept to me) in a way that was easy to understand and personally helped me implement strategies that has increased my business exponentially. I would recommend Greg to anyone and everyone.”

Patrick M.
Broker Associate at RED ROCK REALTY
“The very first thing that I want to point out is that there is nobody else that does what Greg Fowler does. Every time I've met with him, I've left empowered and feeling excited about my business, because Greg is excited about my business. He is genuinely interested and has actively invested in my success. Greg is truly passionate about his work, and it shows. It doesn't take long before you realize that he lives and breathes what he does, and after a few meetings it's impossible not to feel like he's an asset and a friend that you want to have on your team. It doesn't matter if you're running a real estate company or a lemonade stand, you need digital marketing. Nobody does that better than Greg Fowler.”
Tania B.
Realtor at RE/MAX Real Estate Group
“Greg has been more than an asset to me and my business in helping it grow to new heights. I had been working on my platforms for well over year in my real estate career to try and build more traffic. Working with Greg has opened my eyes to where I could ideally use help and work. I am still working with him in making sure all my platforms are up to date and looking as professional and appealing as possibly to the public in hopes to gain more exposure and leads to help others in their real estate needs. I hope to continue our work together and to learn as much as I can from Greg’s brilliant mind and experience. Thanks Greg, you have been amazing!”
Amie S.
Broker/Owner at Amie Streater Realty
“Greg Fowler is a true professional and an all-around amazing person. I appreciate the positive influence he’s having on our great community.”

Darren W.
REALTOR® at Re/Max Real Estate Group
“Greg has been an enormous help in improving my social media marketing presence! He's invested countless hours educating me on the many different ways digital media can be valuable for real estate marketing and networking. Greg has corrected a myriad of mistakes that I've made, improved security for my friends and family and increased the number of transactions I've been able to close this year. Greg is a fantastic person willing to give you his time and energy at the drop of a hat. I'm blessed to have him in my network and look forward to many years of friendship and professional development with him!”

Aaron R.
Realtor at REMAX Millennium
“It seems like everyone has an opinion as an expert in the field, but few (like Greg Fowler) have a genuine interest in individual’s personal success. I have been impressed and taken aback by Greg's commitment to help grow my Real Estate business. His knowledge and forward thinking is unique and incredibly valuable. Great guy, smart, and enjoyable to work with!”

Elizabeth P.
Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
"Greg brought my business to another level! I was a little skeptical in the beginning when he told me that he will be committed to meet me as long as it takes to optimize my online presence. He definitely kept his word. He invested hours and weeks to make me shine on all my websites and social networking sites. He always was willing to go the second mile and put my interest first. It is very rare to meet any professional with such passion, ethics, selflessness and enthusiasm. His knowledge of digital marketing is exceptional! I would recommend him to any aspiring real estate agent who needs! 

Travis F.
Realtor® at The Cutting Edge, Realtors
“Greg is consistently one of the most knowledgeable, professional, and helpful people I have had the pleasure of working with. When it comes to marketing, he is on point with the most cutting edge tips to get your name and brand known to your community. His energy is infectious and his work ethic is incredible. Whenever I see Greg, I know I'm going to enjoy learning a lot. 6 out of 5 stars.”

Matthew O.
"Have you ever felt lost in the labyrinth of social media and digital marketing platforms? Well Greg is the man to talk to! His wealth of knowledge of everything related to digital marketing is impressive. Greg taught me the importance of having a professional internet presence, how to link profiles together in order to attain better search results and to gain more followers and leads through different platforms. I highly recommend Greg and his experience for anyone who wants to stand out in the crowd."
Jason D.
Broker/Owner at RE/MAX Millennium
“Greg truly understands what agents want. He stays on top of the cutting edge strategies for real estate marketing, advertising, and technology. He really knows his stuff and is willing to openly share his wisdom and even roll up his sleeves to help.”

Rebecca P.
REALTOR® Sellstate Summit Realty
“There could never be enough great things said about Greg. He is the type of guy that everyone wants to have as a friend, co-worker, mentor, and support system. Greg has been helping me get my digital space up and running for my new career as a Realtor. Greg is always super upbeat and ready to get to work on whatever we have planned for out meeting. It's hard not to be excited about your business and ready to make millions after each time you meet with him, he's such a motivator and willing to help everyone. I would recommend Greg for a multitude of things, he can help anyone who has a positive mind and drive to improve their business.”

Holly Q.
Realtor at Re/Max Real Estate Group
“Greg is a fount of information when it comes to marketing and social networking. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field of expertise. Greg is a strong strategic thinker and a great asset to all who know him. Greg is a team player, who checks his ego at the door and is completely down to earth. I highly recommend Greg for all your marketing needs.”

Anna T.
REALTOR® at Red Rock Realty
“I met Greg through a mutual friend and cannot say enough about his professionalism, and integrity! Greg's, dedication and loyalty to others is a rare quality in today’s world. He has helped me get many aspects of my business virtual footprint up and running and I am truly grateful for his understanding and expertise into the future of our industry (real estate). He understands what agents need and works with them side -by- side to help them gain visibility in an ever growing market! I truly thankful for his partnership and his willingness to be a resource and help anytime I ask! Thank you Greg!”   

Julie S.
REALTOR® at Red Rock Realty
“I cannot say enough great things about Mr. Fowler. From the second you connect with him, you realize how seriously he takes his business and how important your success is to him. He prioritizes his education so that he can share the most up-to-date technology and programs available in the real estate world. There isn't a more genuine person I would choose to work with!”

Nicole O.
REALTOR® at Keller Williams Partners Realty
“Greg is absolutely wonderful and a computer genius. I feel like he truly cares about helping me grow my business. He puts in so much time and effort. I appreciate all that he does for me and teaching me everything I need to know about social media/marketing. I look forward to working with him for many years to come. Thank you for being YOU Greg and all that you do for us!!!”

Xiomara G.
Luxury Real Estate Professional at Engel & Völkers
"Greg is hands down the most reliable and knowledgeable individual in the business. The passion and dedication he brings into his work is unmatched, and he always has a big smile on his face. I fully trust him and his company not only with my clients, but with my own personal sales. I'm very impressed with the service provided start to finish. Thank you Greg for all of your hard work!"

Joseph M.
Licensed Realtor at Sellstate Summit Realty
"I've worked with Greg for 3 months and he's an outstanding individual. He's a true professional that cares for his clients. He is also a tech and online marketing guru. I look forward to working with Greg and growing business together."

Leigh F.
REALTOR® at Sellstate Alliance Realty
“Greg has been nothing short of amazing in all of his generous help he has provided to my digital presence. His knowledge of the Internet marketing and how to make your presence known is the best! And to top it off, Greg is one of the most positive, energetic people I know. He brightens up any room he goes into! I know Greg can truly help anyone willing to do the work required to be successful.”

George & Rebecca N.
REALTOR® - The Platinum Group Realtors
"Professional is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Greg Fowler. My wife and I have had the pleasure of knowing Greg for the past 2 years, during which he has gone over and above in guiding us with our Real Estate needs. Above all, I was impressed with Greg's ability to introduce us too many new ways to improve our Real Estate business, we are so thankful for. And, of course, he is always available to answer any of our questions, gets back to us in a timely manner. Greg is a true asset for our Real Estate industry and comes with my heartfelt recommendation."

Vaughn L.
Loan Originator at Fidelity Mortgage Solutions
“Working with Greg over the past several months, it’s easy to see why he is so successful. He has taken the time to really help build my business from the ground up. He's a unique individual in this industry who has a real understanding of digital marketing and the importance of relationships. Just a high character individual. Thanks for all your help!”

Jackie M.
REALTOR® at Keller Williams Partners Realty
“It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Greg Fowler. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Greg, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to helping me develop digital space for my new business venture in real estate. He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, he is an impressive Computer Geek and Social Media Guru. Greg has always been an absolute joy to work with and I highly recommend him.”

Renee A.
Broker/Owner at Elite Real Estate Group
“Greg has been an awesome partner in helping me to grow my business. He has a wonderful sense of humor and the heart of a teacher. He knows so much and is absolutely willing to share every bit of it. He really cares that his clients are successful and prosperous. I feel so energized and positive when we meet. I'm so glad he was recommended to me and I'd do the same in a heartbeat!”

Cisco T.
REALTOR® at Keller Williams Partners Realty
“Greg's influence, understanding and expertise has proven highly valuable to my company as we develop our systems for our real estate teams. I am extremely grateful for his friendship and knowledge in the business. I highly recommend Greg to everyone in the business world.”

Debbie G.
Real Estate Broker Associate at SweetLife Real Estate
“Greg has been absolutely wonderful in helping me set up my digital/social media marketing. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a wealth of information that he will share with you to truly grow your business. If there are any realtors out there that need assistance in this field, please don't hesitate to contact Greg!”

Denise C.
REALTOR® at Equity Colorado Real Estate
“Greg goes above and beyond the call of duty. He's easy to work with and understands what needs to be done. I am looking forward to working with him for years to come. “

Randy R.
Broker Associate at Berkshire Hathaway Rocky Mountain Realtors
“Greg has a wealth of knowledge in the digital marketing arena and a great way of sharing that knowledge with his clients and friends. Greg is very professional and skillful and will definitely go the extra mile when needed. Keep up the great work Greg.”

Bobby M.
“I started working with Greg in August, after I left the military. As a realtor we are always looking for competent team members that help us move forward. Greg was that guy. He has a vast amount of knowledge in new real estate technology trends and is always open to explore new ideas. It has been a great pleasure working with him from start to finish.”

Dick L.
Commercial Real Estate Broker at RE/MAX Properties, Inc.
“Greg is a young business superstar. His ability to maintain and accelerate relationships to another level is his key to success in the relatively obscurity of the digital marketing business. Greg’s respectful demeanor reminds me of the way business was done in a different time. Anyone who enters into a relationship with Greg will be ahead upon their first meeting. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.”

Michelle R.
Broker at Broadmoor Bluffs Realty
“Through a wonderful turn of events, I was introduced to Greg Fowler. Until such time, I had not met a professional who believes and engages his clients in the philosophy “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". Greg is a consummate teacher who enthusiastically shares his knowledge with his clients further advancing their career goals. Greg is simply a delightful person who demonstrates professional integrity. For the reasons mentioned above, I respectfully give him the highest of recommendations. The difference Greg has made in the world has made a world of difference in mine.”

Greg S.
US Bank Mortgage Sales Manager
"Greg Fowler is one of those guys that actually cares about people and creating relationships deeper than just business. He's a genuine fellow that is years beyond his age in both character and integrity. I send ALL of my business to Greg and have encouraged my team to as well. Having a business partner like Greg is an asset to assuring our customers receive unparalleled service now and years ahead."

 Angela C.
REALTOR® at Sellstate Summit Realty
“Greg is a truly caring individual that desires to see people succeed. He has been instrumental in ramping up my social media/marketing and helping to position me for success in my business. His knowledge base and awareness of current trends goes above and beyond and I am very thankful for the help and friendship he has offered. Thank you Greg!”

Michael B.
REALTOR® at Red Rock Realty
“Simply put...Greg is the man! Extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented and truly caring when it comes to the success of others. Greg will be a staple of the Colorado Springs Real Estate industry for decades to come.”

Joseph A.
Realtor at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
"Greg Fowler is absolutely incredible to work with; he has helped me with building my business and has gone above and beyond. He is very genuine, professional and really cares about my personal success. I just can't say enough about how Greg has spent countless hours assisting me with all my marketing needs. It’s an honor to know Greg and work with one of the best in the business and would highly recommend him. "

Sherry L.
Broker Associate at ERA Shields Real Estate
“Greg is a genius when it comes to marketing & technology. I would be totally lost in the social media/ digital marketing world without his help! His energy & enthusiasm to help real estate agents is amazing. Thank you Greg!”

Janet C.
REALTOR® at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
“Greg is one of the hardest working individuals that I know. He is passionate about his work and has an incredible work ethic. He has shared with me the importance of marketing myself, and helped me take my real estate business to the next level. I can't thank him enough for all the hours he has spent with me and the patience he had to muster!!!”

Blake S.
Team Manager RE/MAX Properties Inc.
“I have been working with Greg for about 1 year. He has truly taken my business to the next level! His knowledge, expertise and dedication are UNMATCHED. His vast knowledge of the digital marketing field is superior. He is real person and truly genuine, which is a rarity in our industry. I would endorse & recommend him with flying colors!”

Baylee C.
Realtor/Owner at RED ROCK REALTY
"Greg has been a fundamental part of helping me to grow my business. He has a vast knowledge of social media marketing and a wonderful enthusiasm for new technology. I am so appreciative of his support and assistance in helping me sort through all the available avenues for growing my brand. His passion for what he does is unmistakable."

Commercial Broker at Walker Asset Management Realty, Inc.
“I am honored to know Greg Fowler, both on a professional and personal basis, for several years. I have found Greg to be most professional and dependable in his business dealings as to ethical and moral standards; His knowledge and experience have brought him success at the highest levels. I respect and cherish our personal relationship as well. I recommend Greg, without reservation, for anything he wishes to pursue.”

Charadie F.
Branch Manager at Academy Mortgage Corporation
"I have been working with Greg for about 3 years. Greg offers something unique to the table with his expertise in social media and technology in general. He makes you feel like you are partners in the real estate business. Greg and his team are always amazing and professional."

Tom L.
Owner, Sellstate Alliance Realty
"Greg is certainly a professional that industry leaders should get to know. His drive, dedication and willingness to help others is inspiring to those around him. Greg is an asset to any company or team and he will undoubtedly lead the way for others in his career."

Lisa P.
Broker Associate at Weichert, Realtors
"If someone asks me, "Hey, what does that Greg Fowler guy really know about the real estate industry?" my response is invariably, "Don't let his age deceive you! He knows more than any 10 agents, lenders and title personnel put together, and I haven't been able to stump him yet!" Between his knowledge of this industry and his nearly Jedi-level tech skills, Greg is my one-stop shop for guidance on regular deals, edge cases, and the ever-evolving landscape of online representation."

Mary T.
Supervising Broker/Realtor at Red Rock Realty
“Greg is the marketing/social media expert that all realtors need. His goal is to help realtors maximize their marketing and exposure. It's so nice to have someone who is completely comfortable with the most current and ever-changing technology to keep us up on what is and is not worth pursuing.”

Jana B.
Real Estate Broker at Sellstate Alliance Realty
“Greg is an asset to anyone in the real estate industry. His professionalism and knowledge about social media/marketing is priceless. He has helped me "optimize" and educated me on the value of an on-line presence. I’m blessed to have him!”  

Abbie W.
Realtor at Sellstate Alliance Realty
“I can't say enough great things about Greg. He has been a life saver for my career in real estate. He has spent numerous hours over several months assisting me with social media/marketing and ensuring my profiles are up to date and synced. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone who is in need to jump start business with their on-line branding.”

Rachelle S.
REALTOR® at Century 21 Top Realty
"I highly recommend Greg Fowler. He is a true professional and a great friend. Thanks to Greg’s incredible knowledge and patience when it comes to technology and social media. I finally feel a new confidence in my online presence as a real estate professional. As the real estate business has shifted to more of an online business someone with Greg’s ability and skill is an amazing asset to any professional."

Timothy S.
Realtor at Invictus Realty
"I have had the pleasure of working with Greg Fowler for the last two years. Greg has come to our office and given us classes on more than one occasion on social media/ digital marketing, and on enhancing your online presence in the Real Estate community. His knowledge and expertise on this subject is outstanding and his ability to guide you through the steps to enhance your personal and company’s image and position on the internet is without compare. He is creative and has insight into today’s social media requirements in an ever changing Real Estate market. He would be an asset to anyone’s team and I would not hesitate to recommend him."

Deb M.
Vice President, Loan Officer at Kirkpatrick Bank
“Greg is a consummate professional in all he does. He is a talented professional with an amazing understanding of real market impact. He has been instrumental in helping me position my marketing for most effective optimization. His commitment to building lasting relationships and doing all he can for his clients is inspirational. His knowledge of branding and marketing, especially in today’s ever-changing market, as well as his enthusiasm for putting people together has been invaluable to my business.”

David W.
Employing Broker at Wick Realty Services
"Greg is amazing! Met Greg about a year ago and it is been great knowing him, because he cares about those around him. His customer service is second to none, extremely detail orientated. His positive “can do” attitude and high energy is contagious, I always feel inspired after talking and working with Greg. He gives you 110%, it is always good to have someone like Greg on your side."

Cori M.
Real Estate Sales Professional at Cherry Creek Properties, LLC
"I have had the great opportunity to work with Greg the past few years. He has been awesome in answering my questions and keeping me in the loop on all the technological advances Real Estate is making, which helps me stay ahead of the game in this very competitive industry. He has proven why his company is the one I recommend, they have great service a great tools which makes my job a little easier! Greg is a true professional and adds great value to my business!"

Jeff J.
Real Estate Broker at Cherry Creek Properties
"Greg is the Man! I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to receive the technical knowledge and expertise to success in their real estate business. He is a sincere true professional!"

Debbie L.
Mortgage Advisor MLO#492645 at American Dream Mortgage, a Division of Finance of America
"I have known Greg for over four years and during that time I have found him to be very diligent and hard working. He is very good at what he does and I've really enjoyed working with him. You can always count on him to get the job done. He always go above and beyond."

Dorrie S.
ERA Shields Real Estate
"Greg is an excellent communicator, has tons of energy, and is very focused on getting the job done. I've really enjoyed working with him! He knows his stuff and values his business relationships."

Lon R.
Commercial Loan Officer VP at Bank of Colorado
"Greg is a forward-thinking individual who can be counted on to be of assistance whenever you ask. Young & enthusiastic, he is great with technology and also very personable. I would not hesitate to recommend his services."
Patrick S.
Senior Business Consultant at Advanced Link Consulting
"Greg is way ahead of his field and extremely knowledgeable about helping agents grow their business and their online presence, resulting in way more closings. He is a great guy to work with and knows how to get things done quickly and correctly. A real joy to work with!"

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