Real Estate Titans is a live streaming show interviewing top real estate professionals, gathering insight, inspiration, systems, tactics, and actionable business advice from the best and brightest minds industry-wide! From realtors, lenders, builders, developers, residential and commercial. But Real Estate Titans is so much more than just a live real estate video podcast show, it's truly showing the human condition. Sharing life experiences, success and failures, life balance and real actionable advice regardless of if you're in the real estate industry. 

The show goes live every Tuesday afternoon at 2:00pm MST on Facebook, and is pushed to YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, Twitter, and LinkedIn via video. In addition, the live interview is recorded in MP3 and can be listened to on every audio website from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and many more. 

Some of our past featured Real Estate Titans:
Ryan Serhant, Bravo TV'S Million Dollar Listing New York.
Andrew Clinkscale, VH1's Love and Listings.
Larry Kendall, Author of Ninja Selling.
David Knox, David Knox Productions.
David Parnes, Bravo TV'S Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.
Tracey Hicks, CEO All Things Real Estate.
Peter Lorimer, Netflix Stay Here.
Eric Simon, CEO The Broke Agent.
Jim Remley, Founder, eRealEstateCoach.
Jen Du Plessis, Mortgage Lending Mastery podcast.
Adam Contos, former CEO RE/MAX.
Dan Lesniak, HyperFast Agent.
Tristan Ahumada, Founder Lab Coat Agents.
Steve Murray, Founder Real Trends.
Chris Prefontaine, Founder, Smart Real Estate Coach.
Santiago Arana, Managing Partner The Agency.
Tami Bonnell, CEO Exit Realty Corp. International
James Harris, Bravo TV'S Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.
Jay Papasan, VP Keller Williams.

Over 250 episodes available right now! 

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#250: RET feat. guest Ryan Serhant, Bravo TV'S Million Dollar Listing New York
#202: RET feat. guest Jay Papasan, VP Keller Williams
#159: RET feat. guest James Harris, Bravo TV'S Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles 
#189: RET feat. guest Keri Shull, HyperFast Agent
#154: RET feat. guest Larry Kendall. Ninja Selling
#97: RET feat. guest Adam Contos, former CEO RE/MAX
#109: RET feat. guest Peter Lorimer, Netflix's Stay Here

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Have a listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and many more.

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