About Lion Bolt Media
Lion Bolt Media was founded by Greg Fowler to help real estate professionals to consistently generate high value clients by utilizing leading edge digital marketing. Shedding light and guiding real estate professionals from all stages of their careers to consistently generate high value clients by utilizing next level scalable automated systems to attract massive amounts of clients, all while saving time, increasing production and dramatically growing revenue. While other digital marketing agencies provide services to all businesses in all industries, we focus specifically on real estate. This gives us a huge competitive advantage for our clients and their results.

Greg has had the privilege of learning from and teaching thousands of real estate professionals from all over the world for well over a decade. Whether it's one-on-one meetings with the best and brightest industry-wide or live on stage educating the masses. Technology, marketing, wealth building, systems, tools, best practices, and all things real estate.

With over 17 years in the sales and digital marketing space, Greg works closely with his clients to help grow their businesses by leveraging the most cutting edge technology and digital marketing solutions from around the world. Greg has become one of the foremost experts in real estate technology, tools and trends. His dedication to constant education and research has enabled him to help countless real estate professionals across the country become top producers and accelerate their overall growth in real estate to the highest levels. Ambitious, passionate, and loyal, Greg has left an indelible mark on the industry and won over many fans and clients impressed by his digital marketing knowledge, energy, and professionalism.

-Greg Fowler
Founder of Lion Bolt Media 
Host of Real Estate Titans Podcast
Creator of Digital Lightning Master Course
Moderator of Lab Coat Agents 
National Speaker

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What we cover in our FREE Master Course: 
The simple proven systems to generate high value clients consistently and predictively to become a productivity machine.

How to save time, increase production and dramatically grow your real estate business/revenue.

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✅ Nerve striking content creation
✅ Massive brand awareness
✅ Dynamic Facebook ads
✅ Conversion funnels
✅ Tracking and retargeting
✅ Leveraging automation systems
✅ Lead generation, nurturing, and conversion
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